inkjet, acrylic, enamel, spray paint, airbrush, marker, collage, epoxy, on wood panel

Paintings make use of the logic of Photoshop, pixilation, and other methods of digital imaging to shape the application of media onto surface— the approach to color, form, depth, shape, tone, value, etc. are all informed by digital processes. Often digital marks appear handmade, while handmade marks imitate the kind of distorted line a finger on a track pad draws. In doing so the paintings investigate the interplay between the organic human and the artificial device, combining both machine made and hand made marks. Mirroring the fast paced ephemeral nature of contemporary digital culture, the paintings present something like a ‘listicle’ image-dump-portrait of our contemporary moment. Photography, action painting, graphic design, collage, and rudimentary drawing all exist on one plane. Artifacts of our digital ecology are scrapped from the internet’s never ending flow of information and images: stock photos, clip art, emojis, GIFs, memes, Tumblr posts, advertisements, free screen savers, low-res screen captures, photographs taken on cell phones, Google image searches, and YouTube videos become the medium through which meaning is rendered.